Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wanderlust: Vietnam Day 4

December 28, 2010-- Da Lat to Ho Chi Minh

Driving back to Ho Chi Minh will take 8 hours by car, or in our case, by bus, so we spent most of our time in transport. When we got there it was nighttime already. However, we did stop by some places to stretch our legs and look around.

Ahead of leaving Da Lat, don't forget to get a taste of the Vietnamese green apples. I munched on these for a couple of days during breakfast and they are as sweet as they are tiny! It's one of the things I'm actually missing now that I'm back home.

Before exiting Da Lat proper, we stopped by the Prenn Mountain Pass, which boasts the Prenn Waterfalls of Da Lat. If you've been to visit other waterfalls (ie. Yosemite Falls, Niagara Falls), this one is a far cry interms of being spectacular, as it is a relatively low waterfall. However the misty air near the falls is nice, especially when you stand on the bridge behind the waterfalls. There are a few things to do around the area, like archery or elephant and ostrich riding.

An hour before lunch time, we arrived at the Tam Chau Tea and Coffee Company. One of the major products of Da Lat are tea and coffee, and you can see many people here letting coffee beans dry under the sun outside their houses. Vietnam in general is known for their coffee, and the Tam Chau company is one of the biggest importers and makers of tea and coffee in the country.

The store itself is very spacious and impressive, with a restaurant at the back where we had lunch later on. Aside from their famous Atiso Artichoke Tea, they also sell different types of peanut brittle, candied strawberries, mulberries and tamarind. They also have the dried vegetable chips similar to the one I photographed from Vietnam Day 1, although here, the products are noticeably fresher as it is closer to the source. In comparison, the products found in the markets of Ho Chi Minh City have traveled from one of these factories and have been stored possibly for days before reaching end consumers.

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