Monday, May 17, 2010

So I finally saw Iron Man 2!

I am in love with Robert Downey, Jr.

Despite the things he went through in his younger years with the drugs and the downward spiral, he managed to reform himself. And not only did he salvage his acting career, he showed off to much acclaim the acting chops that got him roles in Hollywood in the first place. I am in love with this very charming man. I'd watch any and all of his films. That's how much I love him.

Let me just stop myself right there before I spam you with any more RDJ love.

That aside, I'm a bit concerned about how this film didn't leave much of an impression in my mind as the first one did. I mean sure the scenes with Tony Stark and his computers are mind-blowing (I have wanted my own Jarvis since the first film), and the Black Widow's Kung-Fu moves literally made me gape in awe, and well, Mickey Rourke scares me a bit (great performance though), I just feel like I'm missing something. Like the spark of the first film. This one to me feels like black sesame seeds strewn here and there made to stick to a piece of sushi (I'm opening that to interpretation). Undoubtedly Robert Downey, Jr.'s performance in this movie is one of the things that makes it gel together somehow. He plays narcissistic-charismatic Tony Stark to such perfection (as he does with all his roles, of course). Nonetheless it makes for some pretty good entertainment. Stan Lee as Larry King- priceless. I always look forward to his cameos.

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