Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh hello! Welcome back.

Yes, well I'm not quite sure either why I've been gone for a long time. All this bullshit about not having anything to post is, as I said, bullshit. There are quite an abundant number of things to talk about, and I don't mean useless rants and babbles.

In any case, I am currently in love- with artworks by a certain artist named Sophie Blackall. Specifically the works in her Missed Connections blogroll, where she makes interesting the most mundane things rather successfully. The fact that she is art buddies with Mika makes her 10 times cooler, as if she weren't already.

I find this rather funny:

I have been on an art plateau lately, neither moving forward nor backward with my art. I've been trying to expand my drawing techniques, and trying to soothe my frustrations of still not having a decent scanner (among other art-related things) until now. Quite a disappointment really, that I've been neither here nor there. However since becoming a fan of Miss Blackall's work (why, that happened just this morning!) and reading about how she developed this talent out of love for drawing, I feel rather encouraged.

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