Saturday, July 24, 2010

Belatedly professing my love

It's been more than a week since my Spanish National Team was declared as the World Champions in South Africa. Everything is swell in the world, even despite the fact that my week after was hellishly full of things to do for school. Allow me this late moment of celebration, as this is the first time in two weeks I manage to have my brain intact for thoughts other than academic ones.

I cannot forget how happy I was in the face of this hard-earned victory, especially for my favorite players like Xabi Alonso, Jesus Navas, Cesc Fabregas or Sergio Ramos. Sometimes I feel like a lot of fans give more attention to their good looks rather than their contributions on the pitch, which are of course, excellent ones. Admittedly though, the game could have been "better" in terms of looks and play, I cannot blame the tension and nerves that was so very apparent from both sides. The De Young Kung-Fu kick was unforgivable for someone like me whose top most favorite player of all players is Xabi Alonso, but I do respect the talented players from Oranje.

It didn't matter that I stayed up until 5.30AM just to watch every minute, every second count down until they lifted the trophy. And immediately I wanted to go out and get myself a 'Campeones del Mundo' shirt with the star above the RFEF patch. It doesn't even matter that my body clock is messed up until this day, and that I'm sleepy in the mornings and wide awake in the evenings. I'm sure it'll fall back to pattern soon anyway.

Oh the things I do for the love of football.

I dream about Brazil 2014 starting today. And what's more, I dream about being in Brazil and actually watching the matches with my own eyes. I can only hope the players I so dearly love are still present for me to cheer for.

Seré siempre fiel a la Roja.

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