Thursday, September 2, 2010

Communication barriers

I was sorely disappointed by the results of the match between my Real Madrid and Mallorca the other night. I didn't get a chance to see it but they tell me it wasn't as one would expect from a coach of Mourinho's caliber. In other words, it was a rather bland game. Well I can tell you that just by looking at the scoreboard. Not even a 1-1 draw, but a 0-0 draw.
I think Benzema is having confidence issues. And here I had thought after his performance in the match against Hercules he was going to go on a roll for RM but I guess not. I'm just surprised that El Pipita Higuain didn't score a thing. So much for wanting to become the pichichi... Heck I would even settle for Di Maria's goal celebration if it meant a goal. But that doesn't make me love them any less.

I came across an interview article on with Mou talking about the game, his decision to take on the job at Real Madrid, and his two German signings. Here's my favorite Q&A.

So the interviewer is basically asking about Mou's surprise decision to let Ozil and Khedira stay on the bench (for the most part) when in the first place he specifically requested to have these two signed to RM. Mou goes on to respond that at the moment it's very difficult for the Germans to have to adjust to their new life in Madrid in such short notice. It doesn't help that the only Spanish words they know are "Buenos dias" and "Hola", and that their English isn't spectacular. So Mou thanks the heavens that he has an assistant coach who speaks German, but he feels like his instructions have to be given directly by him instead of through a translator.

Plus, the two German boys don't particularly feel at home yet as they don't spend much time with the team, and prefer spending time with each other. Which makes sense since they wouldn't understand what everybody else is saying anyway. No English, no Spanish, eso es difĂ­cil! Methinks they should kick up the Spanish language lessons a notch. Then again, German and Spanish aren't exactly sister languages. I suppose the two are relieved that they temporarily get to be back with their familiar German Teammates for their International call-ups. (Did I mention Germany is my second favorite National Team?)

In fairness to Mou, his job isn't easy. And he's right to say he's no Harry Potter. I think the team is slowly improving their on-pitch, off-pitch relationships based on what I've seen so far. Things like these take time, and I'm sure the boys will pull it off and make us all proud. And like Mou says, "Pacencia, hay que darles tiempo."

On a sad note, I seem to be losing quite a few of my favorite players of late. I lost Raul to Schalke04, Kaka to injury, and now Rafa Van Der Vaart has confirmed his transfer to Tottenham because we have an overflowing supply of Midfielders. Can I just cry now? God forbid I lose my Xabi Alonso.

And as it seems we have an overflowing amount of injuries as well, I wonder what Mou will do. But boy am I glad he signed Carvalho when he did because Sergio Ramos can't do it all alone. This weekend Real Madrid will face Osasuna, and just thinking about the Champions League makes my heart skip a beat. But I have faith. ¡Hala Madrid!

Here's something to look forward to for La Roja fans:
Sept. 3 Eurocopa 2012 Qualifying versus Liechtenstein
Sept. 7 International Friendly versus Argentina

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