Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Return of El Niño and other things

So La Selección had their first Eurocopa qualifier last night and I have to say I am mighty pleased with the result! Judging by the photo it seems David Villa knew this was the night he was going to tie, or possibly top, Raul's record for Spain's all-time top goalscorer. Being as I am a huge fan of Raul, it's a bit sad for me to let go of this honor of his (especially because he's been bypassed for selection in the national team for quite some time now). And it doesn't help that Liechtenstein's blue jersey reminds me of Raul's new Schalke jersey. Aww. I watch Schalke games just to see him get tossed around and kicked in the face. It's totally sad for me. :|
It appears El Niño is back in business! His form was rather fine, in my opinion, and I feel so happy for him! After that goal with Liverpool it seems he has woken up from this mental lull we saw him in during the World Cup. I understand he wasn't fit at the time, but let's admit he wasn't the Nando we are used to seeing. Well, the Friendly on the 7th with Argentina should be more interesting now! And we see that David Silva is going on a roll. As for me, I'm pretty happy as long as it's not always David Villa who does the goal-scoring duties. I am still waiting for Xabi to do one of his long-range goals ala his Liverpool days. I must admit, I do miss Puyi and his hair...

Liechtenstein 0-4 Spain
18' 53' Fernando Torres
37' David Villa
62' David Silva

In other totally related news, Germany won 1-0 against Belgium during their qualifying match! I obviously didn't get to see that one since this all happened at the same time, but it's a Win-win for me! Of course Arne Friedrich was out because of his slip-disc and my Little Lahm is no longer first captain (BOO!). In any case, he word the band in the match last night, and the one and only Miroslav Klose did the goal-scoring honors. I do love me some Miro back-flips! :)

On a final note, I just love how dorky Xabi and Alvaro are! They tweeted about playing trivia games on the bus. Xabi won several times until Alvaro won in the end, prompting him to give out his favorite line, "This is Sparta!!" XD

PS. I'm still sad about the whole episode with Rafa Van Der Vaart. The management from Real Madrid are doing an absolutely pleasant job giving fans reasons to doubt/hate them. Seriously, you really can't treat the players like that. They're the ones doing all the work on the pitch, aren't they?

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