Monday, September 6, 2010

He's alive!! (On Twitter)

La Roja has been training in Buenos Aires and I believe they will be meeting with the President of Argentina Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in Casa Rosada. I'm not sure what time that's happening tomorrow because I am in constant limbo when it comes to timezones.

As the title suggests, this is all about Tweets and I really could not let this one pass! I waited and waited and finally Sergio Ramos tweeted again after such a long time! Because I'm iffy about punctuation and sentence structures, reading Sergio's tweets always make me cringe a little but I do adore him so much! On the other hand, Alvaro tweets rather nicely, even using quotation marks when quoting lines from movies to tease Xabi, "Mess with the best, die like the rest..." Alvaro's tweets are always way more interesting and humorous than Sergio's!

Sergio presents us with a photo of himself in La Boca, Buenos Aires, inside the home field of one of Argentina's most famous clubs the Boca Juniors. The stadium is called La Bombonera, which is actually a different stadium from where they're playing.

On one of his first Tweets yesterday, he tells us about arriving in the beautiful country of Argentina. He's pretty happy about how La Roja started their campaign with a win (you're not the only one!), and how he is looking forward to the Amistoso, which he says will not be a friendly one. Frankly I'm pretty excited about what Gonzalo Higuain will do. I'm not really a big Messi fan though he is quite talented. This one's going to be quite a match to watch!

On the other end, we see a similar photo posted by Alvaro Arbeloa in the same place (well, duh!) with none other than mi favorito Xabi Alonso! They posed with numbers 1 and 2 on their fingers, imitating the 12 in the box behind them. I wonder if one of these guys took Sergio's picture. I'm glad Sergio and Alvaro tweeted different photos but why don't they have a photo together?! I miss my mosqueteros!

Our futbolistas are getting rather Twitter-savvy and that just makes my life a little happier, waking up each day to their fun tweets! Until now I haven't gotten the chance to appreciate Alvaro Arbeloa other than for his role in La Roja's defense on the pitch, but this guy's one of the funniest around! Plus he's pretty addicted to Twitter, which I love, because it's contagious apparently. I never really expected Xabi to get on with it. So now Alvaro cannot drink Coca-Cola for two years because as we recall, he had said he would stop drinking Coke for a year if La Roja wins the World Cup. Recently he added that he would add another year to that if Xabi gets on Twitter. Maybe he will switch to Pepsi instead?

I'm not sure if this is a recent photo, seems like a World Cup photo because El Chori is here with them. Anyway, I jump at any photo with the boys in a suit! I mean, just look at the yumminess that is Jesus Navas!
If you're tuning in to all of La Roja's qualifying matches, here's a schedule of the rest of the qualifiers. After their match against Scotland they'll be taking a break from International Duties, and will hopefully still be sane enough to play well in their Club games. And by that I mean their respective National Leagues and the Champions League. I'm feeling tired for them already.

EURO 2012 Qualifying Matches
October 8, 2010- Spain V. Lithuania
October 12, 2010- Scotland V. Spain
March 3, 2011- Spain V. Czech Republic
March 29, 2011- Lithuania V. Spain
June 9, 2011- Spain V. Liechtenstein
July 10, 2011- Czech Republic V. Spain
October 11, 2011- Spain V. Scotland

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