Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ho ho ho!

I am really loving that song Train performed for Coca-Cola. It has the brand jingle all over it. It reminds me of the World Cup (which I sorely miss). Coke has really done something with that little jingle. Since people generally shy away from ads, they incorporated it into something people actually like- MUSIC. And now the tune is attributed to them. Smart move!

As we are now in the topic of the World Cup, I would just like to express my fondness towards the Philippine National Football Team. Although they did not manage to move on to the Final of the AFF Suzuki Cup, they did get to the semifinals despite the lack of training, decent training grounds, funds and sponsors. I am so proud of them for what they have achieved under the circumstances! As a true fan of football, I also like what they have done for the beautiful game in this nation that loves too much boxing and basketball. People who never watched football and know/care nothing about it tuned in to cheer for the team. I could only wish they [the players] can see this. But at the moment, they do not have a Home Stadium to call their own. All the previous games have been away in Vietnam and Indonesia. Don't even ask me how I feel about that. I can tell you I've been discussing it on Twitter with a good friend, and we are beyond unhappy.

I was supposed to go the cinema today to watch The Fighter today, because I wanted to write a review for this blog (Obviously the blog has been quiet as of late). The closest cinema to my house belongs to an SM Mall, and they took off the movie from their lineup all of a sudden! They should change their tagline from "We got it all for you!", because they certainly DO NOT. As if I needed any more reason to dislike the SM Corporation.

In other news, a few days ago my brother and I tried making these Cake Pops I saw from the Bakerella website. These little treats have been getting some major attention. I even saw Bakerella in the Today Show. Unfortunately it was a great failure! And a traumatizing one at that! I guess I couldn't find the right kind of chocolate for dipping. We managed to make these three decent sad-looking ones. In any case...

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