Monday, November 22, 2010

You'll know you're going stark crazy...

1. When you spend your whole train ride home staring out into space.
2. When you feel like your skull is empty because no thoughts pass through your mind at all.
3. When you lose some of your apetite because you're too busy thinking about something else instead of food.
4. When you utter words and terminologies that are not cohesive with what you actually mean (eg. Saying you need the pdf file of something you've been working on on another computer, when what you're really looking for is a psd file.)
5. When you clutch your head in your hands and pull your hair while saying, 'Oh noeee... I'm gonna dieeee!'
6. When you mutter something that even you yourself can't understand.

I feel like a zombie. There's really no other way to explain how I feel. Physically I've been awake on and off for 3 straight days just to finish all the work on collaterals, but my brain has been on hyper-mode since mid-October. It's difficult to forcefully try and squeeze ideas out. It's so much easier to think up something interesting when you're under no pressure. I have so much craziness planned up in my head for after I graduate, but all this is insignificant for the task at hand. Good thing my thesis-mates are able to keep my head at the present, because the future is so close and so tempting to think of.

What keeps me motivated to get everything done with?
1. Graduation.
2. The fact that I will no longer need to put my phone on silent mode. (Because I don't like keeping things in my pocket aside from a handkerchief, I get a lot of flack from people who try to call me without me knowing my phone is vibrating in my bag.)
3. Travel plans. When I graduate, I can go places without having to worry about missing school days.
4. The thought of doing a Stop Motion project with my brothers, among other projects.
5. The thought of studying Digital Art and Cookery- my other passions!
6. Being able to watch friggin' football again. I miss actually watching Real Madrid, Arsenal and Liverpool matches. Highlights are just highlights, you know?

Our thesis defense is on the 4th of December. Wish me luck! I'll check back in two weeks.

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